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Why Honda Fit is the Best Choice for an Economy Minded Car Buyer

July 06, 2011

Learn The Easiest Way To Save Money On A New Honda Fit!

In these trying times, it is best to drive a car that is light, fuel efficient and easy to drive. The Honda Fit (or Honda Jazz in some markets) together with the Honda City/Aria share a common platform with advanced build techniques to bring a relative lightness to the whole car set up. Honda has gone to great lengths (like extremely thin metal pressing for the body panels) in order to come up with a city car that is frugal and exciting to drive. Along with famed levels of Honda durability and reliability, the Honda Fit is the perfect excuse to forgo that top of the line crossover SUV that you might have in mind.

Presenting a Simple and Fashionable Way to Enhance Your Daily Motoring Habits

The Honda Fit, particularly the latest generation model, is the best option in terms of value for money. You get a responsive engine and transmission combination that pulls adequately while delivering more than 27 miles to the gallon in the city and more than 30mpg in highway driving. You also get a fun and functional interior that almost matches the larger Honda Civic in terms of accommodation. The Honda Fit is the perfect car for those who want to cruise the city in style while saving tons of money on fuel expenses and repair bills.

Honda Fit

Buy a Honda Fit for Less Than You Ever Imagined!

If you are considering the Honda Fit for a new car then you need to figure out the true dealer cost. Why not the invoice price or dealers invoice, you might ask? It is because the dealer invoice will already have been marked up even before showing the actual invoice and also contains other profit making variable such as the dealer holdback. The holdback is a specific sum of money that is around 3% of the sticker price and will be paid back by the dealer after each successful sale. If you choose to only rely on the dealer invoice when buying a Honda Fit then the dealer will have the opportunity to earn more profits through the dealer holdback.

Presenting the Best Way to Find the True Dealer Cost for the Honda Fit

You can choose to visit every Honda dealer in town or simply relax and ask for a free, no obligation new car price quote. This will help you find the true dealer cost for the Honda fit along with amazing financing deals to help you drive home the best subcompact car for less cash than you ever imagined. Start your new car shopping here and ask for a free quote today.

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