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Discover How You Could Buy A New Car Or Truck Below The GMC Invoice Price

February 14, 2014

With the right tools, it's not all that hard to negotiate a fair and reasonable price for a new car or truck; even below the GMC invoice price.

In this article we're going to share information with you that will help you during negotiations. Then after you have requested your free, no obligation to buy GMC price quotes, from multiple GMC dealers along with their dealer invoice price, you'll have what you need to negotiate in confidence for a great price on a new GMC.

About GMC

GMC, a division of General Motors, Inc., builds vehicles ranging from trucks, SUVs, vans, crossovers and cars. They offer vehicles ideal for all lifestyles and are equipped with 2WD, 4WD and AWD.

GMC has long represented powerful, capable and comfortable automobiles equally at home in the suburbs or on the job-site. They also build a complete line of medium-duty commercial trucks, vans and chassis cab products, offered with gas and diesel powertrains.

General Motors Inc. has been a leader in the automotive industry for a long time and has weathered tough economic trials. They emerged even better equipped to build quality automobiles and trucks, remaining committed to their customers, communities and employees. Paraphrasing their mission statement:

  • Quality & safety comes first;
  • Creating lifelong customers, by earning their confidence & loyalty;
  • To challenge themselves to be innovative & a leader in all they do;
  • Delivering long-term value through developing the best cars in the world, and;
  • Make a difference - from discovering ways to improve operations to volunteering throughout their communities, they know their forward movement is directly connected to positive change.

GM's exciting brands offer a broad range of vehicles in more than 120 countries around the world. Along with their strategic partners they build, sell and service their vehicles through the brands Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac.

Over the past 10 years the General Motors Foundation donated more than $350M to send children to college, help keep teenage drivers safe, educating parents about child safety and much more.

GM's commitment to the environment goes beyond the present and the future, through working with students; sharing their knowledge of sustainability with those future leaders, engineers and problem-solvers to help build a better future for all.

Understanding The Difference Between The True Dealer Cost & The GMC Invoice Price

The GMC invoice price can be challenging for new car buyers to decipher and we're going to help by explaining the dealer invoice price in relation to the dealer's true cost for a new automobile.

  1. The GMC dealer's invoice includes the price of the automobile, along with options installed at the factory and destination/transportation fees. Since the GMC dealer has to pay to have the vehicle transported to their dealership this fee is non-negotiable and is passed on to a buyer.

  2. However, the GMC dealer's invoice price also includes a dealer holdback. Essentially the invoice price was inflated by 2-3% of either the GMC invoice price or the MSRP. This means that the true dealer cost is much lower for a new vehicle.

  3. While they honestly can say the dealer GMC invoice price is what they paid to GM for that new truck or car you want to buy, the GMC dealer will get the holdback returned. While they have no obligation to pass on any of this profit to you via a discounted price, knowing about this built-in profit will assist you in negotiations.

  4. Keep in mind that one of the many reasons you want to receive multiple competing price quotes is because not all GMC dealers are the same; just because one dealership won't share any of their holdback with you doesn't mean another won't. Use competition to work in your favor.

How You Could Buy Below The GMC Invoice Price

Let's look closer at the GMC invoice price. Once again, while the GMC invoice price is technically, from an accounting perspective, the amount the GMC dealer paid to GMC for a new vehicle the true dealer cost can be hundreds - even thousands of dollars lower than the GMC invoice price.

  • First is the holdback that we discussed above. Also, the GMC dealer receives a lot of incentives including regional bonuses that are offered to spur sales – by having GMC dealers in a region compete for that bonus money.

  • The GMC dealership also receives bonus money for getting a high score on the CSI (customer satisfaction survey). This is a survey that all manufacturers conduct when a new car buyer purchases one of their vehicles; if they give the dealer a high score, the dealership earns a bonus.

  • Then there are increased bonuses/incentives when they sell the current and/or previous year's models to have room on the lot for the next year's models; cash incentives for when they sell slower-selling models; end of month/year sales quotas, etc.

  • When the economy is sluggish all business feel the effect and many GMC dealers would be more than willing to take less profits to make sales. Let's face it all of us would rather make a little money than no money at all. Keep this in the back of your mind during negotiations and utilize the free GMC price quotes to play the numbers game.

Now that you have the tools you need to substantially increase your chances for negotiating a below GMC invoice price on a new car or truck, request your free, no obligation to buy GMC price quote. Evaluate the competing price quotes from GMC dealers with your new-found knowledge and negotiate in confidence for a great deal on a new GMC.

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