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Be a Smart Customer Save on Your New Ford Fusion

April 12, 2011

Find New Ford Clearance Prices - Learn Fusion Dealer Costs Now & Save!

US automotive sales have increased lately, but consumers are still having big concerns regarding gas prices and how quickly they are increasing. The Ford Fusion, in addition to being a domestic, also has high fuel economy. TrueDealerCost.com has the inside information you need to pay only the 2011 Ford Fusion dealer cost.

The Fusion is a natural overachiever, with every new model year we find that the Ford Fusion delivers more and more value to an already good package. Enjoyable driving character, a relaxed ride and a high level of general sophistication are some of the features you can find in the new Ford Fusion.

Right now, due to this major changes introduced last year, the Ford Fusion is ahead of the pack when it comes to the mid-size sedan class. Though, as we said, the Ford Fusion is an overachiever, and this year you´ll have a long list of standard features that will definitely vault this car to the top of your list.

The “smaller” size that the Ford Fusion represents on the outside is does not impact on the inside of the car, making it more agile than most mid-size sedans. Under the hood you can find a very aggressive 175-horsepower 4-cylinder engine, which proves great acceleration on most driving scenarios.

The Ford Fusion has evolved converting itself in a great comfortable vehicle with great safely ratings, offering as well Ford´s outstanding multimedia voice-control scheme and 4WD as well (in higher trim levels).

How to Pay Less for a New Ford Fusion

If price it’s a make or break deal for you; don´t worry you can easily pay the Ford Fusion dealer cost by following these simple steps:

  • Get online, the Internet will provide you with the right information you need to know.
  • Research if you want any specific options for your new Ford Fusion that may increase the price of the car
  • Currently Ford Fusion's MSRP price ranges between: $19,820 - $28,745 and the invoice price ranges between: $18, 567 - $26,400. (also remember that these are official figures, usually the true cost that the vehicle represents to the dealership is much lower, meaning that you can probably score the Ford Fusion invoice price)
  • Research for rebates and incentives on the Ford Fusion (including all the optional features you want)
  • Request for a price quote and locate the best Ford new car dealerships in your area willing to lower their prices.
  • Before starting negotiations determine which is the price you want to pay, start negotiations based on the Ford Fusion dealer invoice price.
  • Finally start negotiations with all the new car dealerships that have given you a price quote and make them compete between each other. Dealers compete for your business, you save.

Request for a free no obligation new car price quote now! Come closer to paying 2011 Ford Fusion dealer cost.

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