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Getting Low Prices For Your New Ford Fiesta

April 12, 2011

Discover the Lowest New Fiesta Prices - Learn True Ford Dealer Cost Today!

The small car segment has been for decades one of the least desirable segments for American automakers, they simply couldn’t get it right. This was until the Ford Fiesta appeared, this euro inspired model has nothing to envy other established segment leaders and you can easily discover the real Ford Fiesta dealer cost if you follow our advice.

The Ford Fiesta is a solid choice in the economy subcompact segment (until now the Honda Fit was the natural standout). The Ford Fiesta has come to certainly spice things up; its smooth ride, overall value, great interiors, enjoyable driving dynamics and a fervent engine make it the perfect choice when shopping for a small economy car. This car proves that just because you are searching for a small economic car you shouldn’t settle for bad quality and reliability, just the opposite.

You can find the Fiesta in both sedan and hatchback styles. Either one of the options has their advantages and disadvantages; the hatchback option of course has more cargo room while the sedan has a more formal and elegant manners. Its premium vibe that surprises almost everyone, edgy styling, and build quality make it a top choice on its segment, and if you add its very affordable price to the mix, you´ll get and unbeatable deal.

Ford Fiesta Dealer Invoice Price

The invoice price is the price that the new car dealership has supposedly paid to the car manufacturer for the car. But the real dealer cost Ford Fiesta is significantly lower as there are several manufacturers to dealership holdbacks, rebates and incentives that make the true cost for the Ford Fiesta much cheaper.

How can I get Ford Fiesta Dealer Invoice Price?

Just request for a free Fiesta price quote. Actually Ford Fiesta MSRP price range between: $13,000 - $17,000 and the invoice price ranges between: $12,800 - $16,400 depending on trim level. With your price quote in hand you have the possibility to negotiate for the invoice price. By requesting for a price quote you will get several different price offers from multiple dealerships around your area. Compare them, see what kind of deal are they offering you, and let them know you are also having negotiations with other dealerships, and that the one that gives you the best price will win. This will make dealers more eager to compete for your business.

The Ford Fiesta is an excellent car that you can acquire for a very affordable price, be smart and request for a price quote to negotiate. Imagine yourself entering to every dealers lot in your area and spending hours hassling with the salesperson over the price of the vehicle, doesn’t sound very attractive right? Instead from the comfort of your living room you can have sent to your email different price quotes, the real Ford Fiesta Invoice Price at once and start negotiations from the comfort of your own house! Request for a free no obligation price quotes now and get closer to your new Ford Fiesta!

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