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The Secret Behind Ford Explorer Dealer Invoice Price

June 13, 2011

Learn what you should pay for a new Explorer before you buy. Request a free new car price quote from local Ford dealerships to locate maximum savings today.

Dealerships don’t want you to know that they can afford to sell you your new Ford Escape below invoice. Ford dealerships receive extra incentives and cash back offers from the factory when they sell their vehicles. This means that when you buy your new Ford Explorer, the dealerships not only get your money, but also money from the manufacturer. You can buy your Explorer for below dealer invoice and the Ford dealership will still profit!

Top 7 Reasons the Ford Explorer is the Best SUV for Your Family

Ford Explorer

  1. Ample Seating. Whether your family is big or small, the Ford Explorer has room for everyone. With three rows the Explorer can seat up to 7.
  2. Terrain Management System. Ready to pack the troops up and go exploring? The Explorer’s Terrain Management System can handle any type of road that is in front of you.
  3. Great Cargo Space. The Ford Explorer has 21 cubic feet of storage room behind the third row. Need more room for camping materials or the family dog? At the touch of a button the third and even second row seats fold down to add more space.
  4. Unlimited Power. The Explorer is able to tow up to 5,000 lbs. Whether you are pulling a boat or camper for those family events, the Explorer can handle it.
  5. Safety. The Ford Explorer has incorporated cutting edge safety features. Among these features are the world’s first inflatable seat belts. Upon impact the seatbelts inflate to provide stability and secure you and your passengers. The head and neck support offered by these seatbelts lowers the risk of serious injury in a crash.
  6. Entertainment. Long rides with the kids become a breeze. The Ford Explorer has an amazing audio system and a rear DVD entertainment system. Throw on a movie or hook up the video game system to entertain your children for hours.
  7. Low Cost. Ford Explorer dealer cost has reached an all time low. You can now step into your new Ford Explorer for less than you imagined.

How You can Pay Below Dealer Cost for Your 2011 Ford Explorer

2011 Ford Explorer dealer invoice prices are accessible in seconds. Request a free, no obligation price quote to receive exclusive pricing information on your new Explorer. Saving thousands is easy when you know exactly how much the Ford dealership paid for their new Ford Explorers.

True 2011 Ford Explorer dealer cost reports are waiting for you. Request your free quote today to discover how much you should be paying for your new vehicle.

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