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Finding Dealer Invoice Prices

January 24, 2012

Finding the dealer invoice price doesn’t have to be difficult. You’re just a few easy steps away from a FREE, no-hassle, no-obligation price quote! See dealer invoice prices on any model, with your FREE, no hassle, no haggle price quote.

Tip: Study MSRP Window sticker

By law every new car has to have a sticker showing the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. This is the amount the manufacturer recommends the car be sold for. It includes factory installed options and the transportation costs of the vehicle.

Also on the sticker is the dealer selling price. This is the price for which the dealer is selling you the car. It is the MSRP in addition to any dealer mark ups. The sticker might also include costs for dealer installed options.

Find Incentives, Rebates and Holdbacks

Factory-to-dealer incentives are often offered to car dealerships and referred to as backdoor money. This is where savings can be found. Factory-to-dealer incentives can often amount to thousands dollars. It can be difficult to find out about these incentives because they are usually time-sensitive and well hidden. If you request a price quote, you’ll find out about incentives rebates and holdbacks!

Customer rebates are usually easier to find as they are heavily publicized by the manufacturer online and in TV commercials. They don’t always exist, but when they do, they take the form of cash back.

A holdback is money the manufacturer gives to the dealership to help them with their costs. When a dealer buys a car, they are paying for it through the use of a loan and hence have to pay interest on that loan. The holdback helps them with these payments and ensures they will be able to keep their inventory up if the cars do not sell right away. The longer a car is on a dealer’s lot, the less the holdback will be worth. If the car hasn’t been on the lot for long, you can utilize the funds.

Negotiate The Best Deals in Town!

If you want to find dealer invoice prices on your new car, request a new car price quote. Then you will have the knowledge you need to negotiate. The dealer is paying well below invoice price, because they are getting holdbacks, hidden rebates and sales bonuses you may not be aware of. Knowing about these deals can help you decide how to negotiate. If you find the car you want to purchase has an available holdback, incentive or rebate, you may be able to subtract this figure from the invoice price and start the negotiating there. Unfortunately, these deals are not always available.

Compare Quotes

Doing your research online and comparing quotes is a great way to find dealer invoice prices and get the best deal on a new car. Get your FREE car quote today and compare prices from a wide variety of dealerships .

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