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Find Dealer Invoice Prices Today!

January 24, 2012

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Vehicles Under $20,000 By Type

Avoid Hidden Costs and Added Fees: Learn the Secret to Getting Dealer Invoice Prices

The secret to getting the dealer price is avoiding hidden costs and extra fees. Car dealers don’t sell you automobiles at the prices they paid for them. There are several other costs added after the initial manufacturers costs, which are added up on the price tag the consumer sees. These are add-ons from the manufacturer: Things such as delivery costs, advertising costs and the costs of financing their showrooms. Requesting a FREE Car Quote, will help you see hidden costs and can save you up to $1,200 on your sale price.

What is in the MRSP (Sticker) Retail Price?

The retail price of the car is the amount for which a dealer buys the car. This price is higher than what the dealer actually paid for the car because of hidden fees such as their cost of advertising. Other extra fees include:

1. Transportation of the car from the factory to the dealer lot. This fee is standardized across the nation - it makes no difference if the manufacturer delivers the car next door or across the country. The delivery cost is the same.

2. Dealers have to get financing in the form of loans--generally from car companies--so they can have cars in their showrooms or on their lots. The longer a car goes unsold, the higher the cost of the floor plan. This means you, the consumer, will pay more for a car so the dealer can recover his costs.

Dealer Invoice Price vs. Retail Price

The dealer invoice price is the amount a car dealer pays to the manufacturer for a vehicle. It is also known as the wholesale price.

Finding the invoice price can be complicated and time consuming. The best and easiest way to find the actual dealer price is to take advantage of our comprehensive network of local dealerships. Save up to $2,000 and get the dealer invoice price!

Get Special Offers

Dealers want their auto lots to be stocked with the best and newest automobiles; therefore, it is important to sell the 'older' cars to make room for the new. Sometimes manufacturers give special incentives to dealers, and with our help, you’ll find those price reductions can be passed on to you!

These special offers happen all the time, but can be hard to find. Our database has dealerships with the best incentives and special offers, ensuring you find the best possible deal. Many are up to $2,300 below the dealer invoice.

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