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Edmunds Car Reviews & True Dealer Cost: The Winning Combination For A Great Deal!

February 19, 2014

Since the mid-1960s Edmunds has offered their automobile guides to assist new car buyers in making informed decisions on the vehicle they wanted to buy. In the mid-90's after the world was plugged in, Edmunds went virtual and brought their true market value reports, Edmunds dealer cost, unbiased 3rd party car reviews, along with consumer forums online to make it simple for people to gather information.

Now that millions of people are plugged in at home, it's never been easier to research new cars and trucks. This is why our satisfied customers have benefited from receiving the tools they need to calculate a closer representation of the true dealer cost – and that isn't the dealer invoice price either.

Right here at TrueDealerCost.com, you can run free head to head comparisons and receive competing new car price quotes right from home!

  • A hassle-free, stress-free way to shop for a new car
  • Uncover available special internet-only prices
  • Manufacturer rebates & incentives available in
  • 100% free, no obligation new car competing price quotes

How To Decide Which Vehicle To Buy

Negotiating a sweet deal on a new car or truck won't be such a sweet deal if it's on the wrong vehicle. It's very important to consider all facets of your life and how you will utilize your new car. Then you can rest easy that when you do negotiate a fair price to pay, it really will be a good deal in the long term.

  • Small or compact cars are ideal for singles and couples who don't have kids. They usually come in 2 door or 4 door models and normally offer the best fuel economy ratings. Keep in mind though that many don't offer the highest level of safety.

  • Mid and full size cars are very popular and offer a more spacious interior for families, along with good fuel economy ratings especially on the highway. The larger cars are also designed to be more comfortable on longer road trips.

  • Convertibles and sports cars can oftentimes be the same thing; high-performance cars that may or may not be a convertible. Many convertibles are considered a sports car due to the fact they only carry 2 people. These types of automobiles are great, but of course the higher performance sports cars do cost more as well as carry higher insurance premiums.

  • Station wagons have come a long way in recent years, not only in appearance but offering better fuel economy and performance. While many people transitioned to a SUV or mini-van, there are still manufacturers such as Subaru, VW and Audi who offer extremely nice wagons that even have available all-wheel or 4WD models.

  • Speaking of mini-vans, the new models have come a long way to providing the ultimate ride for active families. Most will carry up to 7 people, offering a wide array of convenience and entertainment features to make long family road trips fun for all.

  • The majority of folks buy an SUV for their 4WD capabilities and great cargo space. They're also a great option for those who live in rougher terrains or places where winters can get bad. They come in 3 sizes, small, mid and full size, so they offer an option for singles or small families.

  • Trucks remain a top choice, as they're not only tough and reliable, but today's trucks offer a wide array of configurations, along with versatility; tough work truck to luxurious mode of transportation. There are lightweight trucks up to super duty/heavy duty trucks that are capable of hauling massive payloads and easily tow trailers, campers and boats.

  • A van would be an excellent choice if you need to carry cargo and/or a vehicle that will accommodate anywhere from 7 to 15 passengers. There are vans that come with or without windows, and run from basic to more upscale modes of transportation.

When you request a free, no obligation to buy new car price quote and receive the tools you need to get a better idea of the dealer's true cost for the car you want to buy, we're willing to bet you'll be very pleasantly surprised. Add to that multiple new car dealerships competing for your business, along with available manufacturer rebates and incentives you'll never even consider buying a used car again.

Feel free to run as many head-to-head comparisons as you like – request as many free price quotes as you need in order to find the perfect vehicle at a price that's perfect for you and your bank account. A great deal is just a mouse click away!

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