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Only Pay Dealer Invoice Pricing on Your New Car

October 05, 2010

Obtain The Right Invoice Pricing. Request Free Online Quotes From Your Trusted Dealer.

Become a power buyer and only pay dealer invoice pricing for the car or truck of your dreams.

Know the Players.
The production and sale of a car involves two key entities, the factory that manufactures the vehicle and the dealership that sells the vehicle. These two sides work together to try to make as large of a profit of the sale of the vehicle as possible.

Know the Prices.
You will run into many different prices when researching the car or truck you want. It is important to know which ones you should be paying special attention to and what they mean.

1. MSRP - Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
When a factory builds a vehicle and sells it to the dealership they also include a suggested price that they think the dealership should charge for this vehicle.

2. Dealer Invoice Price.
Dealerships buy their vehicles in bulk amounts directly from the manufacturer, so they are given a discounted price. This is generally the lowest price you will find associated with a vehicle.

3. Sticker Price
This price can be found on the Sale Ticket in the window of a vehicle when it is sitting on the dealership lot. This is the dealership’s ideal sale price.

Pay Bottom-line Prices.
Our free price quotes provide information about the hidden Dealer Invoice Prices. When you request a free, no obligation price quote you give yourself an advantage over the dealer. Knowing what a dealership really paid for the new car or truck that you want allows you to avoid paying the bloated sticker prices.

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