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It's Easy To Pay Below Dealer Invoice Prices On New Cars!

January 24, 2012

Most people buying cars are not equipped with the information they need to get the best prices on new cars. That’s why we offer you access to our network of reputable dealerships. We cut through the hassle and give you FREE car quotes with the dealer invoice prices on new cars. How do we do this?

By understanding the special discounts dealers get from automakers.

It’s easier than ever to pay under dealer invoice prices on new cars.

Top 5 Best Possible Deals By Car Type

Here are a few reasons why:

Dealer Discounts

Car dealerships receive discounts on cars they purchase. The invoice price is what the car is technically being sold for by the manufacturer to the dealer. Dealerships usually get discounts on the cars they buy to ensure they can keep buying and selling cars. This ensures the factories have a distribution network to sell their product.

Now is the time for you to benefit from the secret and hidden deals car dealerships get! Do this by getting a FREE price quote.

Watch Out for Unnecessary Add-ons to Dealer Invoice Price

When you’re looking for a new car, pay close attention to the MSRP sticker. This will not only show you the MSRP, but it will highlight dealer options and add-ons.

When cars come from the manufacturer, there are certain factory add-ons included in the price of the dealer invoice. Dealer add-ons, are installations the dealership has made in order to get extra profit. Make sure you are not paying for those extras you don’t really want or need.

Here is a list of different non-standard options a dealer might add onto the base price of a car:

  • Rust Proofing- this one-time application permanently protects your car from acquiring rust. Some dealerships will try and charge you upwards of $500, but you can get it at around $100 retail.

  • Floor Mats - these custom mats can add charm an make your car easier to clean. They usually retail for around $70, so if the dealer is offering less its a good deal.

  • Pre-paid maintenance plan- this usually comes to about 50% less at the dealership than what you would pay on your own. Prices differ depending on the package, ask your dealer about what regularly scheduled visits  it covers.

  • LoJack Security System - this is a theft recovery system, it is tied into the responsiveness of your local law enforcement and is popular in cities. You will generally save money by buying this separately and not from the dealership, it usually retails around $695.

  • Dealer installed security lot keys, anti-theft system, kill switche s- these are other theft protection systems are sometimes installed on cars while they sit on the lot. It is generally seen as a poor investment and if it is already installed on the car ask if you can get it at cost. The anti-theft system retailing from around $150-$1,000 and the kill switch can retail from around $10- $125.

  • Window Etching- inscribing the VIN (vehicle identification number) on the car window. This will cost you at the dealership, and does not deter car theft. It usually retails for around $20.

  • GAP (guaranteed asset protection) insurance - since most insurance companies will not reimburse you the full amount in the event of the total loss of a vehicle (stolen, flood damage, collision), this can be a good thing to have. However, don’t overpay, the cost to most dealerships is $170 so if they are charging you upwards of $500, negotiate! However, this same protection will usually cost you around $250 from a credit union.

  • Credit Life and Disability Insurance - this is available only to those using a loan and covers the insured against loss of life. It will satisfy the loan balance in case of death. These policies are expensive and you will probably be better off calling your local insurance agent. These policies vary in cost.

  • Environment Protection Package or Presentation Package - this covers pin stripping, paint sealant, and fabric protection for your car in case of damage. This is usually costly from the dealership and is not 100% necessary. If you can’t do without them, make the dealer a reasonable offer or contact your local auto-detail shops you can usually get it for around $200-$300.

  • Extended Warranty - if you think you will be driving your car for longer than the standard 3 year warranty, this could be a good purchase and will usually increase the cars' residual value. The cost of this option varies by warranty program.

Each of these add-ons has a true dealer cost and a retail price. As with the car itself there is usually a large dealer profit, sometimes totalling to $800 per add-on, this is hidden profit for the dealership. Note: every non-standard option, even if it’s a dealership installed accessory or factor add on which is non-standard to the base model, has an invoice and a retail price. The variation is the hidden profit for the dealership.

3 Tips to Successful Negotiating

The idea of negotiating the price on the sticker can seem daunting. Try following this general guideline to make it more natural.

  1. Request a FREE new car quote to find special dealer incentives. If you see a dealer incentive you’re often able to subtract this figure from the invoice price.

  2. Remember to watch out for those unwanted dealer add-ons.

  3. Start your negotiations at true dealer cost. This is the secret price, below dealer invoice, after you subtract all the discounts. Learn the dealer price by requesting an online price quote.

Accurate and Free Online Car Quotes

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