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The 7 Things You Have To Know To Negotiate Below The Dealer Invoice For New Cars

February 17, 2014

In this article we’re going to give you the tools you need to substantially increase your chances to negotiate a great deal below the dealer invoice.

There are 2 price points that will be mentioned during the new car buying process; the MSRP and the dealer invoice for new cars. Knowing the difference between these prices will let you know when you’re negotiating whether or not you’re getting a ‘real’ deal.

  • The MSRP is the maximum value a manufacturer feels the vehicle could sell for but the dealer can sell that car for any amount of money they want to. The only people who would ever pay the MSRP are newbies who didn't do their homework before going to a dealership and think that's the dealer's bottom line.

  • The dealer invoice price is what the manufacturer bills the dealer for the new car; and as we'll explain further, this price isn't totally accurate. While yes they paid that price to the manufacturer, but as you'll read there are numerous incentives, discounts and rebates that lower the price the dealer actually paid for a new car.

In order to find the best possible car deal, you need to do your own research first. Requesting your free price quotes in advance, gives you the upper hand when it comes to negotiating because it gives you an excellent starting point for calculating a ballpark range for the dealer’s true cost.

Request your free, no obligation new car price quotes to receive competitive price quotes from new car dealers – use their dealer invoice price along with the information in this article to negotiate the best possible deal on your next new car.

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