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Finding True Dealer Cost Is Easier Now More than Ever!

April 26, 2011

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TrueDealerCost.com is your #1 website for finding the actual dealer costs for new cars. With our unbeatable resources you will be able to find the true prices for any new car or truck you want to buy.

Needle in a Haystack

Locating the actual value for a new car can often seem like a daunting task. Prices for vehicles seem to change every day, so it can be hard to locate true costs.

The car buying market is one of the few places where the same product can be sold for two completely different prices. The final sale prices for vehicles are always changing due to several different factors.

Supply & Demand

Supply and demand has a huge affect on car prices. Supple and demand can be altered by things like geographical location, time of year, and the release date of a certain vehicle.

Supply and demand can cause the same vehicle to be sold for two different final costs. Consider a convertible Ford Mustang. This is a fun vehicle to drive around open roads and helps to enhance good weather with its convertible feature. Now consider two different Ford dealerships selling the same convertible Mustang, one dealership in California and one in the state of Washington. Because of geographical location California is home to more flatland and calmer weather, while Washington contains mountain ranges and is home to a very prominent wet season.

The demand for this convertible is higher in California, thus the Ford dealership in California has the ability to charge more for the Mustang than the dealership in Washington, even though they are the exact same vehicle.


Negotiating is another huge factor that affects how much a buyer can walk away paying at the dealership. Salesmen are trained professionals and know how to get the highest possible profit when selling a car. An unprepared buyer will get worked over by a salesman and will end up paying more than they should.

Buyers who do their homework and enter the dealership completely prepared enhance their chances of paying much lower prices for new vehicles.

Preparing Yourself by Learning the Dealer Cost

The easiest way to pay the lowest prices is knowing the true value of the vehicle you are buying. The true value, or dealer cost, represents how much you should pay.

By requesting a free, no obligation price quote you can uncover real time dealer prices and true dealer costs. When you find the actual value of your vehicle you will be able to negotiate for a much lower final price on your new car.

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