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Find Dealer Cost New Car Prices and Save Money on a New Car in #location_state_full#

March 24, 2012

Find Real Dealer Prices Online - Simply Request a Free Quote!

Knowing the true dealer cost of a new car will help you pay less money on any new vehicle. The invoice price will show you the cost of each car, but the dealer cost will show you how much you should really aim to pay for any new car.

Request a FREE true dealer cost price quote to get started. In a matter of seconds, you will receive a wealth of information including:

  • A list of certified USA car dealers with the best deals.
  • Available rebates, incentives, and discount offers for instant savings!
  • Secret and hidden price offers usually reserved for online buyers!
  • The invoice price and the true dealer cost of the car you want.

The dealer cost (or true dealer cost) is closer to the actual amount paid by the car dealer to the manufacturer. The true dealer cost does not rely on the invoice price alone. It takes into account dealer rebates, incentives, destination charges, and the dealer holdback to arrive at the real price of the car.

The true dealer cost will deduct the holdback and the cash rebates from the dealer invoice, allowing you to REALLY buy below the dealer invoice! Knowing the dealer cost is lower than the invoice price shows car dealers are still making money, even if you buy below the dealer invoice.

Find the best new cars by requesting FREE online price quotes. This allows you to see the invoice price and the true dealer cost new car prices, effectively saving you the stress of talking to a salesman and ensuring you get a great deal on a new car.

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