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Fastest Way to Get Cars Below Invoice Price

October 05, 2010

Get Pricing Info, Dealer Invoice Price, Locate Dealers Near You + More Car Deals Here!

As a new car buyer, finding cars below invoice price should be your ultimate goal. Our free, no obligation online price quotes do the work for you for any new car or truck you are interested in.

Requesting a price quote is the first step in saving thousands of dollars on your next vehicle purchase. We hunt down the lowest prices at your neighborhood dealerships and deliver them to you instantly.

Once you have requested a free price quote you must prepare yourself for your interaction with the salesperson. Being able to confidently handle negotiations with a dealer is all about being fully educated before stepping onto the dealership lot.

Here are some key steps to help you save the most on your new car or truck.

Step 1. Request a free price quote.
Our price quotes give you all the pricing information available for the car you want. On top of that we put you in touch with the dealerships, so you know what kind of special offers are occurring in your local area.

Step 2. Use your price quote to your advantage.
Price quotes are great ways to start negotiations from your home. You can see the prices at competing dealerships near you and you can begin negotiations over the phone or through email with the dealers by requesting that they match lower prices.

Step 3. Task your time.
Do not rush into a decision - get as many price quotes for as many cars as you want - they are all free! Take time to make your decision and make sure it is the best vehicle for you

Step 4. Choose the right time to go to the dealership.
Make sure you are feeling healthy when you go into the dealership and make sure you have eaten a good meal. Trips to the dealership can take hours; you want to be fully comfortable throughout the whole process.

Step 5. Negotiate at your pace.
Always keep in mind that you are the customer and it is the seller’s responsibility to make sure you are happy with the transaction. Do not let a salesperson push you around or make you compromise. A new car or truck is a long-term investment and you need to be completely satisfied. Remember that you always have the option of walking out on a negotiation if you are not happy with the deal that is being made.

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