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True New Car Dealer Invoice Prices & How Knowing Them Will Save You Money

October 05, 2010

Identify Your Favorite 2010 Car Online- Dealer Invoice Price, Free Price Quotes & Much More.

In the car industry, it is only common sense that a dealership will buy their vehicles in large quantities from manufacturers. You can imagine a dealership like a car supermarket that buys all their products in large quantities, the car industry works just about in the same way. Therefore, it is only logical that if someone buys a large amount of a product, the producer will make a special price and discount over those products. Sometimes dealers also have fixed sale quotas set in advance by the manufacturer, and like in every business relationship you have rights and responsibilities. That’s why a dealership commits to buy a certain amount of cars, and the manufacturer commits in giving a wholesale price for those vehicles, setting the car dealer invoice price.

When you arrive to the dealership, salespeople will try to sell you the car at sticker price or the price that will give them more profit. Fortunately we have true new car dealer invoice prices and we want to share them with you! You can have access to true car dealer invoice prices with just a few clicks!

Why Negotiating a New Car Price Below Invoice is Possible
The base price per vehicle is a fixed amount. Every dealer pays the same price to the manufacturer for a new car model. Apart from this, the price a dealership pays for the vehicle significantly lower than the suggested price the manufacturer encourages their dealerships to sell the cars at, that’s why you should never even think of paying a car at sticker price when you can get a much better deal by just getting the right information and a price quote. If you take a moment to think, it’s only commonsense; they have to make profit on the sale of each new car. It is also commonsense that you can also decide how much you are willing to pay for it!

How to Pay at or Near Dealer Invoice Prices
The first step is to ask for a free new car price quote. It’s an easy, hassle free service that with just a few clicks you’ll know how much dealers at your area are asking for the model you want, so you can start making decisions based on real numbers.

Free no-strings-attached online price quotes will provide you with big savings when local car dealers compete for your business. Request a free no-obligation new car price quote today! Learn all you need to obtain the best deal on the new vehicle you want!

Get real dealers inside information, request for a free price quote now and start real pricing information to your inbox! Use the new car invoice prices as negotiating leverage and find the best pricing on any new car!

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