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Lowest Automobile Dealer Invoice Prices on the Net

October 05, 2010

Vehicle Invoice Prices. Find Useful Automobile Buying Information and Best Dealer Car Prices Here!

Paying as close to automobile dealer invoice prices is the ultimate goal for smart car buyers. Requesting a free, no obligation price quote gives you the best opportunity to reach this goal.

Our price quotes offer you a behind the scenes look at all the different prices associated with the new car or truck you are searching for. We also give you insight into dealer incentives, deals, and sales going on in your neighborhood.

Your new car price quote will prepare you with everything you need to know about the pricing on your car or truck. Here are some tips to help you the rest of the way once you step onto the dealership lot.

Things not to say to a salesperson:

1. I’m ready to buy.

The best weapon a car buyer has in his arsenal is the threat of walking away from a deal. When you tell the salesperson right away that you intend to buy you are giving up that possibility. The salesperson now feels like he is in control of the deal making process and this can give him the advantage during negotiations.

2. I have a trade-in and will need financing.

You need to approach your car buying experience in an itemized order. Keeping negotiations going at your pace and in the order in which you want is essential to maintaining control during the process.

Keep everything separate. Discuss price, trade-in value, and financing individually and preferably in that order. Combining these discussions allows the salesperson to mention different numbers at the same time which can be confusing for a car buyer. You may think you’re getting a deal in one area while getting cheated in the other two.

Aim to agree upon a final price first. After this, move on to discussions on how much you will receive for your trade-in. Then finally move on to discussions about financing.

3. What is your lowest offer?

Allowing the salesperson to establish the first price to start off negotiations is dangerous. Sticker prices are there to gain the dealership as much profit off the sale as possible. If you ask a salesperson for the best price chances are he’ll state the sticker price or very close to it.

Your best bet is to take the prices reported in your free, no obligation price quote and use these as your point of reference. Be the first person to make a price offer during negotiations and make it close to or lower than invoice cost. This will give you the best chance to save thousands of dollars.

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