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Know The Audi Dealer Cost & Save On A New Audi Today!

March 08, 2012

If you are considering buying or leasing a new Audi, you need to first determine the Audi dealer cost - to get the best deal possible on the Audi model that’s right for you. Uncovering the Audi dealer cost isn’t hard, if you know where to look.

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Audi A6

Why The Audi Dealer Cost Is Higher Than The Average Car

Do you want to experience one of the finest German cars to ever hit the market? While the Audi dealer cost may be higher than the average import brand, one cannot compare the Audi dealer cost with the dealer cost of a Toyota. Audi cars are equipped with several luxury features that speak highly of the capabilities of this famed German brand.

The Truth Behind The Audi Dealer Cost

It’s safe to assume that anyone buying or leasing an Audi is a driver who appreciates modern design and the best luxury amenities. The Audi dealer cost will allow you to experience just that - at a lower price than you could ever imagine. It doesn’t matter which Audi model you decide to buy or lease; knowing the true dealer cost is a guarantee that you will pay the right price.

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Audi S5

What About The Audi Dealer Invoice Price?

Beware of the Audi dealer invoice price, as this amount contains a lot of hidden profit-making margins: An example is the dealer “holdback”. Have you ever seen advertisements promising you car prices at or below the dealer invoice price?

Audi dealers will never sell a car without making a marginal profit. The dealer invoice is offset by the manufacturer, to help with the financial aspects associated with keeping cars in the dealer’s showroom.

When you factor in this assistance, the Audi dealers are actually paying much less than the dealer invoice price for a new car.

What Is The Dealer Holdback?

The dealer holdback can be considered part of the Audi dealer cost, when deducted from the invoice price. The holdback is a percentage of the MSRP and is used to help dealerships with the costs associated with buying new cars.

The Audi dealer is under no obligation to share this holdback with you; however, knowing about it means you are aware of the fact the dealer’s cost is lower than the dealer invoice price. This will help you when negotiating for a fair price on your new Audi.

Audi S6

Find The Audi Dealer Cost In 60 Seconds

If you want to find the lowest Audi prices on the market, then you have come to the right place.

Simply take advantage of a FREE online car quote and see the Audi dealer cost, along with other rebates and incentives, to help you lower the price of the Audi you have always coveted.

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