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Find the Actual Dealer Cost and Enjoy Instant New Car Savings in #location_state_full#!

March 24, 2012

Want to know the quick and easy way to truly pay below the dealer invoice? The actual dealer cost will give you the chance to pay less money on the car that you have always wanted!

Find the actual dealer cost on any type of car by requesting a FREE true dealer cost price quote. No hassle, no obligation, everything is safe and will be sent straight to your computer. With this type of information, you can begin negotiating like a seasoned buyer and save thousands on your new car!

The Actual Dealer Cost and the Dealer Invoice

The actual dealer cost is a figure that is closer to what the car dealer actually paid for the car. The true dealer cost is derived by using the invoice price and adding or deducting certain factors such as cash rebates and the dealer holdback. The actual dealer cost is the fair price that you should aim to pay.

The dealer invoice can easily be obtained through various online sources but this does not mean that this is the “true” price of the car. First of all, the invoice price may be “overpriced” from the very beginning. The actual dealer cost is lower than the dealer invoice, and this will help you pay a lower price than others are paying for the same automobile.

Request a FREE actual dealer cost price quote and you will find:

  • The best pre-qualified car dealers in your area.
  • The true dealer cost of the car that you want for instant savings!
  • Unbelievable price offers that are reserved for Internet-only buyers!
  • Available rebates and incentives for added savings!

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