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So, you have your heart set on a particular Toyota, but do you know what the invoice price is in Virginia? Do you need more information to jump-start your search? Great! You’ve come to the right place!

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Buying a new car or truck can be daunting, but having the right information on hand will make the process simple and smooth. Of course, your decision-making process will be easier with the correct information on hand, so start looking for prices in Virginia and see what local Toyota dealers are offering.

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Not many people realize Toyota has been making automobiles in Japan for more than 60 years. In the mid-1950s, Toyota began producing their luxury sedan model as well as a taxi. Toyota’s history of making quality cars continues today. You’ll find many options to choose from when selecting the model to fit your needs.

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It is very time consuming to visit every Toyota dealership in your city. Save your energy and your gasoline by getting quotes for Toyota dealers’ invoice prices online. The more quotes you acquire, the faster you will get the best price on your shiny, new Toyota.

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Corolla is at the top of almost every best-selling list of models from Toyota. With its unique style and its quality and durability, the 2012 Corolla (a model that began in the early 1970s) is packed with great standard features like power door locks, windows and mirrors.

The Camry nearly sells itself. The 2012 hybrid version even got an overhaul. Again, the focus is on performance. This means improved fuel economy, comfort, and even more safety features than older versions. You’ll get an estimated 43/39 mpg and an larger interior. Safety comes first with the Camry – its 10 airbags are a standard feature.

The Prius is one of the most talked about hybrids on the market. It boasts a 51/48 mpg, getting even more miles in the city than on the highway. This year’s improvements to the Prius include an added navigation system and radar cruise control. Plus, the standard battery has been replaced with lithium-ion.

If you need something with more muscle, take a look at the Tacoma truck for 2012. Toyota revamped its grille, center console, and more. If you want to rock out to your XM radio, go for the optional audio system, which has 6 speakers.

Is the Tacoma not quite big enough for your needs? The Tundra truck can handle anything, whether you need it for business or recreation. Toyota also recently upgraded the Tundra’s design. V-6 and V-8 engine options are available.

On the other side of the spectrum, Toyota displays its manufacturing versatility with the Yaris. In new models, air conditioning comes standard, and it also has 9 airbags for your protection. HD radio is available on some versions of the Yaris, along with Bluetooth and a keyless entry system.

2012 Land Cruiser anyone? This is another Toyota model with staying power, the Land Cruiser has nearly reached icon status. It features a luxurious leather interior and enough seating for 8 passengers. It also has a 5.7 liter V-8 engine, AWD, and Safety Connect telematics.

The Rav4 has great options and a perky V-6 engine to propel you forward. It features 5 or 7 passenger capacity, a 4-cylinder engine, and either front or AWD. The RAV4 EV has an electric motor, battery pack, gearbox, and power electronics with an estimated range of 100 miles per charge.

Toyota’s list of great vehicles goes on with more than 10 best-selling models.

Toyota Dealer Invoice Price Buying Tips

So you’ve decided on the perfect Toyota for you. These are your next 4 steps:

1. Collect as many dealer invoice prices as possible in preparation for bargaining with the Toyota dealerships you visit. If you want to get the best deal possible, you’ll need to be prepared with your own expectations.

2. The end of the month gives the buyer an advantage. If you collected your Toyota dealer invoice quotes during the beginning and middle of the month, you’ll be right on time to state your price at the end of the month.

3. Decide how you want to pay for the car before you hit the showroom floor. Payment options abound, and it also helps to know your current approximate credit score. If possible, make a decision whether you use will use a bank or credit union, or if you’ll be paying in cash. Get all of your financing details organized prior to talking with a salesperson. This will allow you to keep the money aspects separate from your negotiations on a price.

4. A time-efficient and reliable way to zero in on the best price for a Toyota is to take advantage of the FREE dealer invoice price information. Free no-obligation Car Quotes save time and hassle over shopping around in person. This method allows you to have results in minutes, and it doesn’t take any obligation.

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Great news about the Toyota Camry!

If your pick happens to be one of the many versions of the current Toyota Camry (which has dominated the market as America’s best selling passenger car for nearly 10 years), you will find some prices have actually lowered. This makes it an even better time to buy a Toyota!

Request a free true dealer cost price quote today!

Compare Competing New Toyota Invoice Price Quotes from Local Dealerships
Toyota 4Runner
Invoice Price:$32,025
Toyota 86
Invoice Price:$25,133
Toyota Avalon
Invoice Price:$30,151
Toyota Avalon Hybrid
Avalon Hybrid
Invoice Price:$33,751
Toyota C-HR
Invoice Price:$21,039
Toyota Camry
Invoice Price:$22,098
Toyota Camry Hybrid
Camry Hybrid
Invoice Price:$25,715
Toyota Corolla
Invoice Price:$17,577
Toyota Corolla Hatchback
Corolla Hatchback
Invoice Price:$18,509
Toyota Corolla iM
Corolla iM
Invoice Price:$17,454
Toyota Highlander
Invoice Price:$28,512
Toyota Highlander Hybrid
Highlander Hybrid
Invoice Price:$33,662
Toyota Land Cruiser
Land Cruiser
Invoice Price:$75,685
Toyota Mirai
Invoice Price:$56,030
Toyota Prius
Invoice Price:$23,204
Toyota Prius c
Prius c
Invoice Price:$19,598
Toyota Prius Prime
Prius Prime
Invoice Price:$26,209
Toyota RAV4
Invoice Price:$23,057
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid
RAV4 Hybrid
Invoice Price:$27,523
Toyota Sequoia
Invoice Price:$44,226
Toyota Sienna
Invoice Price:$28,537
Toyota Tacoma
Invoice Price:$23,813
Toyota Tundra
Invoice Price:$31,793
Toyota Yaris
Invoice Price:$15,010
Toyota Yaris iA
Yaris iA
Invoice Price:$15,313
Toyota Yaris Sedan
Yaris Sedan
Invoice Price:$14,833

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