The Truth About the Jeep Grand Cherokee Dealer Invoice Finally Revealed!

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If you are pondering about getting a new Jeep Grand Cherokee then you better get your facts straight: true, the dealer invoice will give you an idea on the wholesale price of the SUV but this does not mean that you should use this as a basis for negotiating the selling price. Most car shoppers only look into the dealer invoice when settling for the price of a new car and think that they have driven away with the best deal in town. You may even think that you fooled the dealer into letting you buy a car that is below the dealer invoice price. This is not the case.

Why You Should Not Settle for the Dealer Invoice Alone

Car dealerships operate a business. Remember that the primary objective of every business is to earn a profit. Who would know if the actual dealer invoice is actually overstated right from the very beginning? Only the car dealer and the car manufacturer will know the whole truth about the dealer invoice. In fact, the invoice price can already contain a profit margin without you even knowing it. This is the importance of never settling for a single Jeep Grand Cherokee dealer alone when shopping for a new car. You need to find out the other options being offered by other Jeep dealers as well.

How Do I Determine a Fair Price?

This is a tricky question. However, you can still drive away in a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee without paying too much in the process. As previously mentioned above, the dealer invoice alone is not a guarantee that you get the best and lowest price because the dealer invoice contains the dealer holdback.

What’s the Deal With the Dealer Holdback?

On paper, the dealer holdback is a small percentage of the MSRP that is used to cover certain expenses related to the sale of the car. This could cover advertising costs, show room expenses etc. In truth, the dealer holdback is a source of profit for most car dealers. Think this is not significant enough? For instance, let’s say that you are to buy a car that costs $25,000. The holdback is around 3% of the MSRP or, in this case, $750. If you pay attention to the dealer holdback then you could save $750 on a new car. If not, the dealer walks away with an additional $750 in his or her pocket.

How to Find the Lowest Prices on a Jeep Grand Cherokee...

Simply request a free online quote and you will not only get the Jeep Grand Cherokee dealer invoice but you will also get the true dealer cost. The true dealer cost will enable you to drive home a new Jeep Grand Cherokee without paying too much cash in the process. Get a free quote today.

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