Discover the Truth About Ford Escape Dealer Cost

Learn local Ford dealer’s lowest prices for the new Escape by requesting a price quote now. Don’t pay more than you should for your new SUV!

Ford dealerships across the nation are paying discounted prices on the new Ford Escape. 2011 Ford Escape dealer costs are incredibly affordable and can save you thousands. Forget about paying sticker price for your new Escape. Request a free, no obligation price quote to uncover these amazingly low prices.

Top 5 Reasons the Ford Escape is the Best SUV for You

Ford Escape
  1. Unmatched Fuel Economy. The Ford Escape standard edition achieves an amazing 23 miles per gallon in the city and 28 miles per gallon in the highway. If you choose the Hybrid edition you receive 34 miles per gallon in the city and 31 miles per gallon on the highway.
  2. SYNC System. The SYNC system offers an interactive technology experience. You can control MP3 players, smart phones, and even interact with your SYNC system with your laptop.
  3. Navigation and Performance in One Spot. The Ford Escape has a color monitor screen that monitors the vehicles performance. In a flash you can switch over to the navigation screen when it’s time to find directions.
  4. Passenger Entertainment. Need to keep your passengers occupied for those extended drives? The Ford Escape offers a DVD entertainment system. Screens on the back of both the driver and passenger seat headrests allow backseat riders to watch DVD’s or play video games.
  5. Small Package, Large Power. The compact frame of the Ford Focus can tow up to an astonishing 3,500 lbs.

Trend-Setting Tips to Pay Below Dealer Cost for Your Ford Escape

It is now possible to pay below dealer invoice for your new Ford Escape! To get started request a free, no obligation price quote. Your price quote provides you with competitive Ford dealer pricing as well as the prices the dealerships actually paid for the new Escape.

Make a Positive Impact on the Environment with Your Escape Hybrid

Ford offers the Escape in a hybrid version that produces the ultimate option in SUV driving efficiency. Ford found a way to harness the true concept of a fuel efficient hybrid without having to sacrifice style, comfort, or entertainment.

The Escape Hybrid offers all the gadgets and comfort features of the standard hybrid and more! Combine that with 34 mpg city/31 mpg highway fuel economy and its impossible to deny that the Escape Hybrid is ahead of the curve. Request your free price quote for the Escape today!

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