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Why You Should Buy a New Ford

Besides the obvious fact that Ford vehicles are a true and timeless American brand, you also get outstanding value for your money with each Ford vehicle that you buy. New Ford cars also have robust engines that deliver outstanding fuel economy. Here are more reasons why you should choose a new Ford:

Car Dealer Cost and Invoice Price: What You Need To Know

The invoice price is stated as the amount that the dealer paid for the car. Some might go so far as saying that the invoice price is the wholesale price of the vehicle. What you need to know is that the invoice price is higher than the car dealer cost. If the dealer shows you the invoice price and you buy the car, this does not necessarily denote that you are getting a blockbuster deal.

Would you believe that the dealer is earning nothing if they sell you the vehicle at the invoice price? Of course not! This is due to two things:

  1. The dealer holdback; and
  2. Factory-to-dealer incentives.

The holdback is an amount based on the MSRP or the invoice price of the vehicle. The dealer utilizes the holdback to pay for specific selling expenses such as advertising and overhead costs. Since the holdback is not shown on the invoice price, the dealership can fool you into thinking that they are making nothing from the sale if they sell at or below the invoice price— but they will make a profit off the holdback alone.

The dealership also receives factory-to-dealer incentives, or special cash rebates with each and every sale. The amount depends on the type of car. If you are aware of this, then you can use this information to negotiate a lower price.

If you deduct the holdback and the incentives from the invoice price, you will arrive close to the car dealer cost. So you can have an idea of the amount of profit the dealer will make when they sell you the vehicle. Requesting a FREE price quote is a fast and easy way to determine the invoice price of new Ford cars. Compare dealer prices and save money! It’s that simple.

The Best Time to Buy a New Car

Financial experts say that the best time to buy a new car is during:

  1. The end of December. This is the time when dealerships are literally scrambling for a sale because people are out buying gifts, and not buying cars. This is also the time when car salesmen are pressured by their sales managers to complete their annual sales targets. You can expect huge discounts, special cash back offers, and low APR offers during this time of the year.

  2. The months between July and October. This is usually the time when manufacturers introduce new car models to the buying public. Dealerships respond by offering large discounts and cash-back incentives, also known as secret incentives. Since dealers need to make room in order to accommodate new car models, this is the time of the year when they are in the mood to offer the lowest prices on their remaining stock.

Before heading to the dealership, request a FREE online price quote to find out the dealer invoice and the Ford dealer cost. Armed with this information, you are sure to find the best deals and the pay the lowest prices on your new Ford vehicle in .

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