Get The Real Facts About The Dodge Truck Dealer Cost So You Negotiate A Real Deal


Even though we know that we shouldn’t believe everything we read, there are a lot of uninformed people who spew all kinds of erroneous information on the internet; sometimes sounding so intelligent we do find ourselves believing them. As this relates to buying a car or truck, it’s really shocking how much misinformation is floating around.

With your free, no obligation to buy new truck price quote you will receive the truck dealer’s invoice price, but that alone isn’t what will get you the great deal.

About RAM Trucks

For numerous years, Dodge has been known in large part for its tough and capable pickups. In 2009 Chrysler created RAM trucks as a spin-off of Dodge so they could be sold and marketed under its own brand. This makes it much more effective to target the vast amount of real truck drivers. When it comes to tough jobs, there is a RAM truck that can take whatever you throw in its path. Ranging from lightweight pickups to the impressive capabilities of the heavy duty series, there is literally a RAM truck for every trucker’s needs and tastes.

5 Reasons To Buy A RAM Truck

  1. In days gone by, truckers were lucky if they even had a radio in their truck, then SUVs entered the market and started gaining popularity. That’s when truckers demanded a more comfortable driving experience from their pickup; automakers like Dodge/RAM listened. The pickups of today offer a whole lot more than just a smooth ride and a radio; there are many configurations and passenger capacities to comfortably carry up to 5 people. Then there are the luxury pickups that offer truckers flexibility to easily go from the job to a business meeting, then tow the family boat for a relaxing weekend.

  2. Just because today’s pickups are a lot more enjoyable doesn’t mean they’re sissy-trucks. Trucks, unlike SUVs, are built to take on the most challenging terrain making them ideal multi-purpose vehicles; tough work truck and comfortable family hauler. Regardless of whether you jump off road to go camping or head to the mountains for a weekend ski trip, with 4WD along with some good tires a properly equipped truck can take you wherever life’s next adventure leads.

  3. Bottom line is that you just can’t tow your big toys like a heavy camper or boat behind a SUV. Pickups can be equipped with a 5th-wheel trailer hitch to provide a stronger connection; keeping heavy trailers, campers and boats more stable and your truck easier to navigate.

  4. A pickup, especially today’s trucks, offer you a variety of uncovered bed sizes for carrying all types of cargo; offering a lot more options than a SUV would. Toss in dirt bikes, motorcycles, lumber, whatever you want; then hose that bad boy down and you’re done. Pickups can haul, tow and will offer you the most flexibility to seamlessly transition for active lives.

  5. While trucks can be big and heavy, if you’re in an accident all of that weight will be a blessing. Trucks were built to plow through anything and take abuse. Like passenger vehicles today’s trucks come equipped with airbags, stability control systems, smart braking technology and other safety features.

The Dodge Dealer Invoice Price: What You Need To Know

Now that you know the truth about the dealer invoice price and why it isn’t the price to start negotiations at, feel free to avail yourself of our complimentary service to request a free, no obligation to buy new truck price quote. You’ll receive competing price quotes from truck dealers, along with manufacturer rebates and incentives offered in your area.

Negotiate in confidence for a real deal on your new truck.

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