How To Drive Home A New BMW While Paying Less Cash


If you want to drive a new BMW and pay less money, you need to determine the BMW dealer cost. This alone will allow you to drive home a brand new BMW, without emptying your bank account.

Request a free, no obligation BMW price quote and you will see the true BMW dealer cost, along with the latest special offers and incentives available only online from BMW dealers.

When BMW dealerships compete for your business, you receive the best possible price for your new BMW.

BMW 2 Series

Find Dealer Cost & Save Thousands On A New BMW

It is common knowledge that BMW cars command a more prestigious price tag than most and this inherent trait holds true for German cars. Why? Keep in mind that buying a BMW does not mean that you are paying for luxury alone, as there are other brands that also convey a higher sense of luxury. Buying a BMW is all about the passion and the thrill of driving.

The BMW dealer cost is a simple formula and all you need to keep in mind are two things:

  1. Yes, the true dealer cost is the ultimate way to save money on any type of car; and
  2. No, the dealer invoice price by itself is not a guarantee that you are getting the real on-the road price.
BMW 3 Series

How To Find The BMW Dealer Cost

It all starts with the dealer invoice. Remember: The car dealer invoice alone will not give you the best and lowest possible price. This is because the dealer invoice contains certain amounts that would have otherwise helped lower the cost of the vehicle.

One of these is the dealer “holdback”; then there are rebates, incentives and other cash back offers. Simply deduct the dealer holdback from the dealer invoice, then add the destination charges plus the vehicle options that you want to purchase to arrive at the true dealer cost.

The best way to find the BMW dealer cost, along with the invoice price, incentives and rebates is to request a FREE car price quote.


How To Determine The On-the Road Price

After determining the BMW dealer cost, you simply need to add the taxes and other licensing fees, then deduct the dealer rebates to come up with the real price. This will help you save hundreds to thousands of dollars on a new BMW.

The Easiest & Fastest Way To Find The BMW Dealer Cost

Simply take advantage of a FREE online price quote to easily uncover the BMW dealer cost, along with special incentives and rebates BMW dealerships are offering. Have the top BMW dealerships compete for your business.

It is easy, fast and there is no obligation to buy. Negotiate in confidence for the best possible price on the BMW that is right for you.

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