Discover True Dealer Cost for Brand New Acura Models in Your Area


To pay rock bottom prices on your new Acura you need to uncover true dealer costs. Thousands of dollars can be saved if you uncover the true cost of your new Acura!

Behind the smoke and mirrors of automotive pricing lies one main price that holds the key to amazing savings. The true dealer cost of a car is the actual price of a vehicle- No inflation, no add-ons, just a clean cut true value of the new car.

When you know the true Acura dealer cost of the model you want you can avoid over-paying.

New Acura Prices to Avoid

  1. Sticker Price: The sticker price is a price you want stay away from. This is an inflated price and does not represent the true value of a vehicle.
    Every penny over true dealer cost results in a profit for the dealership. To gain the highest profit possible, dealerships do market research to find out the highest price they can successfully sell the vehicle for. Most buyers think that sticker prices are set in stone, but this is a mistake!
    Sticker prices are highly negotiable. In fact you avoid paying the sticker price at all cost.
  2. MSRP: The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is one that closer represents the value of a vehicle, however, it is still higher. Paying MSRP will save you money off of the sticker price, but you can negotiate for lower.

The true dealer cost on Acura models is much lower than both the sticker price and the MSRP.

The quickest way to gain access to true dealer cost on any Acura model is to request a free, no obligation price quote. We provide you with extensive pricing information for any Acura model you want to buy.

With your price quote in hand you will know the true value of your vehicle and can avoid paying inflated costs.

Acura Model Highlight

The Acura TSX is one of the top Acura models. The TSX comes in a sedan and a sport wagon version. The TSX sedan is equipped with a 3.5 liter V-6 that produces an amazing 280 horsepower. The sport wagon pumps out a surprising 201 horsepower.

These two vehicles are packed to the brim with the latest and greatest technology, comfort, and safety features. Any type of driver can encounter an unmatched driving experience in the TSX.

For true Acura TSX dealer cost or true dealer cost on any other Acura model, request a free, no obligation price quote today. Thousands of dollars in savings is in your future!

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