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The Acura MDX is an amazing luxury sport utility vehicle that shatters expectations. Acura is known for providing decadent vehicles to its customers, but the MDX seems to take it a step further.

The Acura MDX – Bringing Technology & Comfort Together in a Pretty Package

The Acura MDX is a stylish looking vehicle on the outside, with lots of treats for drivers and passengers on the inside. With room for 7 you can be sure you and your passengers ride in comfort.

The MDX comes with a surround sound system, USB/iPod connectivity, music voice commands, and a rear entertainment system for the passengers in the back. This entertainment system presents a 9 inch screen for DVD purposes can loop the audio through the MDX’s surround sound system or through wireless headphones.

The Acura MDX also has a navigation system that makes navigating simple and fast. The navigation system has an 8 inch color screen that is fully controllable with voice commands.

The Power of a Sports Car in an SUV

The Acura MDX houses a powerful 3.7 liter VTEC V-6 engine under its hood. The MDX’s engine generates up to 300 horsepower; enough to give you a thrill and make you forget you’re actually driving a sport utility vehicle.

The MDX achieves 16 miles per gallon in the city and 21 miles per gallon on the highway.

Low MDX Pricing

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Knowledge is Power

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