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Well, it’s about time for owners to start receiving their Model 3’s. Tesla says owners of the base trim will wait. Higher trims will be produced first. The $44,000 dollar Model 3, with a 310-mile range, will ultimately be delivered first. The rest won’t be on the streets until Fall 2018, unfortunately. A few Teslas have been produced already and we’ve seen lots of comments from the lucky few who have test driven them. Continue reading ‘We Finally Have an Idea of How Good the Model 3 Is!’ »

Date: July 30th, 2017

All right ladies and gentlemen, you’re here for one reason. You want to pay less for gas, right? But you also want seating for 8 and enough cargo space to carry a small kayak or a couple of office chairs? Oh, and you would prefer a strong safety rating…and enough ground clearance to make it to your favorite camping spot…and can’t forget that safety suite. A brand new car without that wouldn’t be worth it, right? Wait…that’s many more than just one reason. Continue reading ‘The Most Fuel-Efficient Mid-Size SUV’ »

Date: July 21st, 2017

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