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Black Friday is over but this does not mean that the holiday rush is ending soon. In fact, analysts say that the last quarter of 2011 is the best time to buy your new car.

Here is part 2 of the series on how to get the best deals on a brand new car:

1. Choose wisely.

This does not only mean that you should choose your next car wisely but this also applies to:

a. the car dealer; and

b. the type of financing scheme including the duration of the loan.

It is simply not enough that you pick an affordable and practical car as you will also need to be vigilant in terms of choosing the car dealer that you wish to do business with.

Choose a car dealer that has been around for a couple of years. Are you excited to drop by the newest showroom in town? Not so fast. Remember that looks can be deceiving. While the architecture may definitely please the eye, there is more to a car dealer than just having fancy decorations and world class facilities.

Want to know the easiest way to determine the trustworthiness of a particular car dealer? Ask around. Ask your friends, friends of friends, colleagues, family members or browse online to find out if the dealer has a reputation for offering the lowest prices in town.

Choosing a financing scheme is also important as this will determine how much you will pay for the next couple of years.

If the loan term is too long (60 to 72 months) or if the dealer offers a zero-down financing plan then you better think twice as you will end up paying more money for your brand new car. Choose a loan term that is around 24 to 48 months and insist on making a higher down payment than the usual. If you follow these simple tips then you are on your way towards experiencing real value for any type of brand new car.

2. Never settle for in-house financing alone.

It is always best to consider other options when it comes to financing. In-house financing deals may NOT always be the best option for you. If you have an outstanding account in a local bank then why not inquire about their new vehicle loan programs? You might be surprised to find blockbuster deals along with low interest rates by simply choosing to finance a car at your local bank.

The true dealer cost and the dealer invoice price will do wonders when searching for the lowest new car prices but the above mentioned tips will help you to further realize enormous savings!

Date: November 29th, 2011

With the holiday season fast approaching, many consumers are in the mood for some big time spending. Experts say that buying a car before the year ends is a good way to experience huge discounts–and it probably is. Car dealers are bustling with activity and are in a frenzy to advertise their latest financing and leasing deals.

If you are new to the car buying scene then you better pay attention. Here is the simple guide on how to get the best deals on a brand new car!

1. Research, research, research.

This first fact is probably the most important thing that you need to do even before thinking about calling or visiting the nearest car dealer.

This will all start by identifying the car that you like; one that is capable of serving all your needs.

Remember that modern cars have been designed to cater to every possible type of car buyer. The fun part about buying a new car is that you will never be devoid of variety! No matter what type of budget you are operating on, it is easy to choose the right car for the right task.

Have you got your heart set on a particular model car? Not so fast. It is best to have at least one or two more options just in case.

Research is everything. You can use a lot of mediums in order to facilitate your new car research. You can ask for multiple online quotes or simply read magazines, newspapers or periodicals. When in doubt, ask a knowledgeable friend. Reading car reviews will also help you decide the type of car that is right for you.

While you’re at it, it is also best to locate the true dealer cost of the car that you have chosen. Arm yourself with specific pricing information in order to increase your chances of finding the lowest prices in your area.

2. Build your confidence.

Forget everything that you have read pertaining to negotiating the final asking price. Remember that you will need to be confident, even if you are only talking to the car salesman over the phone.

With that being said, you should first make an online inquiry or give the car dealer a call before visiting the dealership. Tell them that you are very much interested in purchasing a particular make and model of car and that you are in contact with other car dealers. Asking for multiple price quotes will enable you to make dealerships compete for your purchase.

Practice in advance and try to write down what you need to say. It is true that not all people are adept when it comes to dealing with other people in a very professional and business-like manner but buying a car is not a matter of life or death nor is it a part of the stockholder’s minutes of the meeting.

There is nothing to be afraid of! Show the dealer that you are confident enough when it comes to negotiating the price of the car that you wish to buy! You owe it to yourself to try and save money as buying a new car is no joke–it is perhaps one of the biggest expenses that you will make in your lifetime!

More tips to come. In the meantime, if you are eyeing to buy a new car anytime soon then you should take the time to determine the true dealer cost and the dealer invoice price.

Because it is never too early to prepare.

Date: November 22nd, 2011

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