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Discover the Simplest Way To Save Money and Verify Dealer Cost! Get a Free Price Quote and be Prepared!

Are you in the market for a brand new car? Would you like to learn how to save hundreds or thousands on a brand new automobile? Now it is possible to get a verify dealer cost in order to save more money on a brand new car. In fact, it only takes a minute to find out the true dealer cost. While this may sound too good to be true, keep in mind that hundreds of people each day are easily scammed by greedy dealers who only want to starve you of your hard earned cash. Thanks to the power of information technology, those days can be long gone.

Introducing the True Dealer Cost: The Best Way to Save Money

The true dealer cost is not a myth. It is simply a matter of coming up with an equation that will accurately determine the real price that you have to pay for a brand new car. In order to come up with the true dealer cost, you will need to understand the elements that affect this said amount.

Truly Verify Dealer Cost by Getting the Invoice Price

The dealer invoice is simply the exact amount that the car dealer paid the manufacturer for all the cars in the showroom. In short, it is actually the wholesale price of the car. Remember, that the dealer invoice also contains an amount known as the dealer holdback, which is approximately 2% – 3% of the MSRP or sticker price of the car. When overlooked, the holdback will end up inside the car dealer’s pocket which translates to higher expenses on your part. Verify the dealer cost by following this simple formula:

True Dealer Cost = Dealer Invoice + Destination Charges + Options – Holdback

Introducing the Easiest Way to Verify Dealer Cost

You need not spend a day or two to physically search for a dealer that offers the best price. You will not only waste time and precious resources but you will most likely end up with a price that is not favourable to your budget. Simply ask for a free online quote today and verify the dealer cost in under a minute. This will allow you to get the latest and most up to date prices on each and every new car sold on the market today. Get your free quote now!

Date: June 17th, 2011

How To Determine Dealer Cost On New Cars Is As Simple As The Click Of Your Mouse!

Are you in the market for a new car? Would you like to find out the secret on how to save more money while still driving the latest cars available on the market today? Don’t believe what sceptics tell you as the true dealer cost will help you better understand the right price to pay for a brand new car. The dealer invoice alone can be used as a basis when negotiating the final asking price for a car but there is more to the dealer invoice or invoice price that is unknown to the average car buyer.

The Truth About The Dealer Invoice Price

In actual practice, the dealer invoice price will be the price that the manufacturer charged for the car. Dealers will most often present you “the dealer invoice price” and entice you to purchase a car at ‘below dealer invoice.’ While this may sound appealing at first glance, you need to understand two very important things:

  1. The car dealer will NEVER sell the car without making any profit.
  2. The exact amount of the dealer invoice price is only known by the car dealer and the manufacturer itself.

How to Determine Dealer Cost Using The Dealer Invoice Price…

To figure out the dealer cost use this formula:

Dealer Invoice + Vehicle Options + Destination Charge – Dealer Holdback = True Dealer Cost

Utilizing the dealer invoice along with vehicle options and the destination charge, you can easily figure out the right price to pay for a new car. This will also eliminate the dealer holdback from the equation.

What is The Dealer Holdback?

The dealer holdback is an amount that will be paid back to the dealer from the manufacturer once the car is sold. There are no specific considerations when determining the dealer holdback but it is around 2% – 3% the MSRP of the car. This amount is reputedly used for expenses related to the sale of a particular car. If you take the time to determine the dealer cost then you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars off the dealer holdback.

Presenting the Best Way on How to Determine Dealer Cost…

You need not even visit the car dealership to determine the dealer cost. All it takes is for you to ask for a free online quote and you will instantly determine the true dealer cost for every make and model of car that is sold on the market today. This alone will help you find the dealer that gives the best and lowest prices. Get your free, no obligation new car price quote and learn how to determine dealer cost in less than a minute.

Date: June 17th, 2011

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