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Understanding What Invoice Price Is.
Invoice price is the price manufacturers charge dealerships for the cars they buy. Invoice price is a discounted price given to the dealer, because they are buying multiple cars and trucks at once, straight from the factory.

Knowing the invoice price is the key to negotiating.

Most dealerships want you to focus on one price – the sticker price. This is an inflated price that is much higher than what the car cost the dealership. The sticker price is so much higher because the dealership aims to make as much profit off the sale of the vehicle as they can.

When you know what the invoice price is, you know the true worth of the new car or truck that you want. This allows you to see through the smoke and mirrors of the sticker price so you can pursue a more reasonable price for the vehicle you desire.

Our free, no obligation price quotes unveil all the true invoice prices for any new car or truck you have your sights set on.

When you request a free price quote you will receive a full pricing write-up for the vehicle you are searching for. The prices come straight from the dealerships in your area so you receive the most useful pricing information.

In addition we seek out special offers and incentives that are being offered so you can find the lowest actual prices available in your neighborhood.

New Car Buying has Never Been Easier.
Forget wasting time going from dealership to dealership searching for hidden deals and reasonable prices. Our price quotes do all the work for you while you stay comfortably at home. Become fully educated on the prices currently being charged for the new car or truck you want without ever leaving the house.

Pay Less than Sticker Price.
Once you have your price quote in hand you will be able to see the difference between what the dealer wants you to pay and what they paid.

The best course of action during negotiations is to aim for a price about 2%-5% higher than the dealer invoice price. This margin allows the dealership to make a reasonable profit, but saves you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the process.

Date: October 13th, 2010

If you need to look at financing options when buying a new car, please take some time to read this article and take our advice into consideration.

First and most important advice is to have a clear idea of how much money you have available each month, this way you won’t have to skip payments and will most certainly avoid plenty of headaches. Second advice is to calculate the amount of time you would like to take the loan for. Last but not least, have a financial history available as well.

Always consider how much money you can get for the deposit, the more you pay, the less you need to pay monthly for the vehicle you want. Take into consideration you will need to set some money aside for: insurance, taxes, fuel and other details that come with time.

Always look for at least 3 reliable options, do research and inform yourself of possible good car deals, leasing and rebates as well as used car options.

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Date: October 10th, 2010

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