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Noteworthy Future Vehicles

Here we go, it's time to announce some upcoming vehicles again. They just keep coming. These future vehicles are worth a look if your transportation is due for replacement.

5th-Generation Toyota Avalon

This one's noteworthy because we thought the Avalon might not make it to the next model year. Full-size sedan sales fell around 20% in 2017 due to increased demand for crossovers. According to The Truth About Cars, full-size sedan sales have fallen 37% over the last four years, in fact. The Avalon would be our pick if we had to choose one sedan to continue production, because it's super comfortable and not overpriced. The 2018 model starts at a low $33,000. For 2019, we would expect a full range of safety features, including pedestrian warning and lane departure warning with assisted steering. Various sources report the following planned specs.


Despite BMW ending Z4 production last year, it appears they have teased a new Z4 in a photo released on Facebook. It's a new look that is a lot more bulky and muscular looking. Nobody really knows how much muscle it will actually have, though. It appears to share the Toyota Supra's platform, says Jalopnik. We're expecting a hybrid version and optional AWD. The super-cool Supra should have 2.0-liter turbocharged and a 3.0-liter turbocharged options, meaning well over 300 horsepower might be available. The same options may very well be available for the Z4.

Volkswagen T-Roc

Not long after Volkswagen satisfied the mid/full-size crossover market with the Atlas, they wrapped up plans for a compact crossover competitor. The T-Roc is about 8 inches shorter and a half-inch lower than the mid-sized (but smallish) Tiguan. It looks a little like a Buick Encore from the side, but longer. The US might get a 148-hp and a 197-hp gas engine and if we're lucky, some diesel options. However, diesels haven't been popular enough lately. We don't know.

EV Smart Cars

BMW recently made the decision to go all-EV with its Smart line. All new vehicles will be all-electric, that is. Around the same time, a bunch of Smart dealers decided to close up shop. That's not surprising because Smart sales have been disappointing for the past year or so. Have you even seen a ForTwo lately? I haven't. We don't know what will come of the EV decision but it could get interesting as Smart tries to keep the brand afloat.

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