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Genesis G70 Pricing and Specs

Genesis became a standalone auto brand in 2016 and was ranked best brand by Consumer Reports soon afterwards, in 2018. Hyundai, Genesis' parent company, experienced similar improvements in the 90s as it battled for a place in the American auto market. Hyundai hasn't produced a purebred sports car since the Genesis Coupe. It was discontinued a few years ago, and has been Hyundai's only unsuccessful model in recent memory.

The Hyundai Genesis Coupe was the company's answer to vehicles such as the Honda Accord Coupe and the Nissan 370Z. That category (just-above-entry-level sports car) has all but vanished. Honda's Accord Coupe was discontinued in 2017, like several other coupes, and the 370Z's sales are dwindling. Instead of purchasing a $30,000ish sports car, drivers are now driving $30,000 to $40,000 luxury sports sedans. No such vehicle really existed until a few years ago, around the time Jaguar's XE went on sale for around $35,000.

It appears that Genesis is following the trend with the G70, which means this new sports sedan is Hyundai's answer to vehicles like the Audi A4 and BMW 3-series. Does it really compete? Let's look at the basic specs.

Base (and optional) Specs

Compared to the BMW 3 Series, the G70 has the obvious edge. The two vehicles are priced the same at base, yet the BMW starts with a 2.0L, 180-hp engine. Only at the high trims does BMW begin to compete directly. The Audi A4 is comparable to Genesis in terms of consumer satisfaction, both brands having scored well in Consumer Reports' brand ranking this year. The Audi comes with a 2.0T engine at base level, like the G70. However, the Audi costs about $3,000 more than the Genesis, at $34,900. There's nothing that really justifies that price and, disappointingly, the base Audi is front-wheel drive. Sorry, German car fans. You're out of luck if you want your favorite brand to come as affordable as the Korean brands. You didn't expect it to be any other way though, did you?

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Genesis G70 Pricing and Specs

Genesis became a standalone auto brand in 2016 and was ranked best brand by Consumer Reports soon afterwards, in 2018. Hyundai, Genesis'...

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